Week 2: Grid Portrait Inspiration

The first artist I found is Ines Kouidis who takes magazines, newspaper cutouts to create collages of iconic celebrities. I enjoy the use of words, and selective pictures from different media types to create the collage. Using history to create history is a great way to get a massage across in a piece of art work. The use of different magazine prints allows the subject to almost get lost in the background, and that is what I would like to happen with our project. I would like a picture that the audience could get lost in.

The next artist is jjroberson from Deviant Art. This artist had a different look for the Grid that he worked in. More or less he made a dizzying self portrait that allowed details, line and form to be viewed. His portrait itself has intensity, but adding the zooming in and out of different fractured picture increases the intensity of the picture.

The last Artist I found that inspired me for out Grid Portrait project was Chuck Close. His use of colors shapes and balance drew me instantly to his art work. Since i am used to traditional art work, the fact that Chuck Close does not use computer work in his prints, hits my art bone. In a way it reminds me of stippling which i have experience with.




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